Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steve Reich, Different Trains

This is fairly interesting music, a combination of voice, sound recording and instrumental. 
If you have not heard it before then check it out.
Steve Reich's Different Trains (1988) background text

Movement 1: America Before the War

Movement II: Europe-During the War

Movement III: America-After the War

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  1. Know this work well, Gabriel. It takes a bit to get into but it does grow on you. I have a great fondness for the work of the so-called Minimalist composers—Glass and Adams especially, Reilly not so much—although I prefer the more mature work of all of them, e.g. Adams’ On the Transmigration of Souls and his Violin Concerto; likewise Philip Glass’s Violin Concerto No 1 is a thing of great beauty as is his soundtrack to The Hours. The only recent thing by Reich that I’ve heard has been WTC 9/11 but it didn’t leave a deep impression on me despite the subject matter.