Friday, March 25, 2011

Social Media is all In My Head

I read recently that before we had internet social media we all imagined or outright pretended that we agreed with each other and got along because we had no opportunity to find out otherwise. We could not pretend to socialize quite so easily and nobody could intrude on us enough for us to feel any different from them. We could call it dumb and happy.

Now we suddenly think everyone is growing f*cked in the head but what is really going on is everyone was already f*cked in the head. Only now we get to experience it first hand like all those people are trying to get inside our head to f*ck with us so it seems like this new thing happening. That is a downside to this social media. The upside is not everyone is totally f*cked in the head, even ourselves, and we sometimes need to feel that too. 

So, if you can be nice to someone today and make them feel sane and happy to be alive then please do so.