Monday, May 2, 2011

SOS Gab & Eti 1.48

(hypothetically)..."Shit", she said.

"Only if we split it....right down the middle", I said.

So we split it and began again, "Shit", I said. "Shit", she said. "Shit", I said (doubting this was gonna work, but all the while hoping)..."One", I said. "Two", she said. "Three!", I screamed as we both swallowed the odd green muck as planned.

I woke up flat on my back with a distinct and very real sensation of smallness and froggyness. I strained my thick green and yellow neck to wittness Eti; now a chestnut brown squirrel, resting beside me, not on a boat of any sort, but rather in a thicket that opened up into an overgrown grassy field somewhere far away.

"Shit", I said, "It worked!"