Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chicken House

Window Washer Rig

At one time I had a Special Rigger License in NYC, which meant that I was in the business of hanging 2-point suspended scaffold off the side of tall buildings. Hanging either with ropes or steel cable. It is an interesting occupation.

When a building has a built-in rigging system, usually for the purpose of window washing (and glass towers need their windows washed) then it is called a 'house rig'. We recently saw this house rig in operation and thought it quite unique for the angles of the building.

To spend a day hanging on the outside of a building in NYC, particularly in good weather, can be a pleasant activity of seclusion in the heart of urban density. On a windy day it can be like sailing the skies.

The snail is a refuge from our recent basement flood.