Monday, December 24, 2007

The Butcher in the Details

A short story written and read by Gabriel Orgrease. A bit scratchy, done w/ a cheap webcam.

Dense, fast paced, frenetic.

Gabriel complains about his names, his conflicted sense of self, his desire to obtain fame and fortune as a stonemason... no, more to the point his desire to triumph over the forces of the world that plague all of us into a state of humble submission. Here you will be exposed to his quest to eventually find his strength through an identity as a novelist.

The story is a mixture of undisguised fact, and fiction. The splenetic beat poet named Charlie is still out and about. Gabriel did get called for jury duty and in a fit of pique he did say something nasty in court. There was a stewardess hounding him over the Internet and he did write a story called Assam bin Dork.

A few close to the real authors will be aware of the veracity of the details. Those more distant from the author who come upon this material -- possibly not prepared -- will have an opportunity to decide if they want to quickly increase their distance.

Disclaimer: any delicate opinions expressed or denied are not those of the real Ken Follett.

The novels of THAT Ken Follett referenced in The Butcher in the Details are:

The Eye of a Needle 1978
The Pillars of the Earth 1989
The Third Twin 1996

The Butcher in the Details

I who tell you this story am called Ken Follett. I have had this name many years longer than that other writer that uses my name so widely in public. His global popularity has troubled me for too long. Enough difficulty that I have been forced to take another name, a name that I will not tell you lest in the avidness of your adoration of minor authors you begin to hound me to give a few words of uplifting enlightenment for...


  1. "Gabriel" rambles through the beginning, middle and nearly to the end of this tale of conflict rising to meet his inner fulfillment leaving me with a strong sense he knew where he would end up even if he did not not know his way there, mis-direction principle cause by a case of mis-identity. I was happy meet up with my old acquaintance wearing his bib overalls holding a shovel covered with mud, happy to go along, happy to arrive, happy.

    John Leeke
    by hammer and hand great works do stand;
    by pen and thought best words are wrought

  2. >>Mainly I was curious if it is worth the time to pull out and dust off the good quality audio/visual equipment.<<

    As in all trades, it's always good to use the best tools and equipment available. Although, here the skritchy audio and video seem to contribute to the character of the piece.

    hammer and hand;
    pen and thought