Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Moving Picture Writes

My writer friend Martin Heavisides in Toronto explores film... explores a whole lot of film. 

And I explore reading in a vid one of his stories here: Find the Wheel

His blog The Evitable

Martin Heavisides is a contributing editor to The Linnet’s Wings, a literary magazine of exemplary merit. He recently published his first novel, Undermind, and is working on a companion volume, Labyrinth, these being part of a projected work in four parts, WorldMind. The Living Theatre has given a live staged reading of one of his seven full length stage plays, Empty Bowl, whose first appearance was  in Linnet’s Wings (Summer 2008).  Soliloquies (Concordia University), Mad Hatter’s Review, monkeybicycle, Gambara, Jeremiad, Studies in Contemporary Satire, Cella’s Round Trip, Sein Und Werden, FRiGG and Black Cat Review are among the publications his work has appeared in. He has won a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award and a Harbourfront Discovery Prize. 
His passion for film goes back to student years, and behind the work being offered by him at The Moving Picture Writes is upwards of two hundred reviews and essays, in his apprentice years, the twenties and early thirties.

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