Saturday, July 3, 2010

Salty Words... the day before liberty

The first word that I learned to read was SALT. It was on the side of a small white ceramic salt shaker printed in blue below a rendition of a Dutch windmill. I do not know what the Dutch have to do with salt. There was a great-grandmother that lived across the street from us in a house trailer and she collected salt shakers. I am fond of chicken motif salt shakers. When I graduated high school I worked at a salt mine. At the age of fifty I learned what is an egg cup. Alison Watt got me straight on that one. There was little grammar involved. I like chicken egg cups. I also like faux chicken eggs. The glass ones in particular, I like them many times better than the raccoon pecker-bone collection. If a chicken see a fake egg in their nest the anthropomorphic impression is that it will induce them to lay... eggs. I read the word anthropomorphic in a book one day on my paper route while I relaxed below a bridge abutment. I like to use that word anthropomorphic as much as possible. It makes me look smarter than me. It means close-minded human person, a sort of psychotic condition whereby we imagine to control our environment through non-disclosure, I mean, full ahead ignorance and denial. Some of the smartest people in the world have been anthropomorphic.


  1. I can't remember when I learned to read.

    I do remember a black kid named Orlando in my rural Alabama elementary school who had a maroon windbreaker with the words "Black Power" hand stitched in white thread on the back along the bottom. There was also some other weird shape sewed in above it that I thought was a white tree. About 10 years later, I realized that the tree was actually a clenched raised fist.

    Orlando also had the first Afro I had ever seen.

    I remember the day Pres. Reagan was shot. I was in the seventh grade in my rural Georgia middle school. When the news broke dozens of Orlando's were celebrating and giving each other high fives in the hall. I am sure the same happened among white kids when MLK was shot, but I was not born for four more months so I was not an eye witness.

    Bottom line...I really hate racism of all colors and do my best to exercise that demon from my psyche and take folks one at a time and love my neighbor like Jesus tells me whether they deserve it or not. It is the hardest thing in the world to do since I am not by nature a warm and fuzzy or forgiving person.

    Maybe racism is some manifestation of anthropomorphism? We are so important that we focus on the small differences between ourselves and our brothers and ignore the rest of the world spinning out of control around us. The ship sinks while we fist fight over who is the captain when we should be working together to bail the boat.

  2. Brian: Thank you. Good message!

    I remember the day Pres. Reagan was shot also as I was working on a project site across the circle from his hospital. I do not remember seeing any celebration but I do remember seeing a whole lot of sun glass wearing Secret Service agents.