Saturday, October 17, 2009

Philadelphia Aerial Lift Accident 10/12/09

This is a similar model of lift that we were using on our gig on Park Ave. in September -- the one where we had to move the machine out of President Obama's route of travel. In this case one of the mechanics died from the 125' fall. Fox Chicago article with videos and a detailed article including comments by Brent Schopfel, owner of Masonry Preservation Group

A problem with any equipment -- in this case the rule that one does not move a lift on the street or sidewalk when it is extended -- is that operators get comfortable with the equipment, be it lift or scaffold or whatever, and begin to take risks as they explore the boundaries of the safety envelope. Note that there were two lifts used at this location (you an see a white lift extended to height in the still of the 1st video here) and there were not the appropriate street and sidewalk permits.... on Columbus Day.... and for an inspection at a church.

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