Friday, August 7, 2009

Dig Well

I cannot honestly remember if this story was not previously published at Gator Springs Gazette, or not, and I have been a bit too discombobulated the last few months to go ask, but here it appears at Rusty Barnes' Fried Coffee and Chicken (oh, no, Fried Chicks and Caffeine) uh... go check it out for yerself --

Dig Well

Down past the layer of worms. Remnants of a rusty hinge and a broken medicine bottle, things that I finger and turn over and examine before sending the fragments upward for further scrutiny and classification and the comment, “Keep digging.” Down past my own height. The earth towers over as I reach out from side to side, not quite able to stretch fully, confined within the tube of boulders, some larger than my belly, some smaller. I will find this water. Down I dream, and down I dig in dreaming to the core of the world or beyond, downward in search of muddy water. Like any other immigrant to here, I am mud-hogging the stone lining of a dark womb. After a lengthy silence Pop shows up. “How does it look down there?”

in the mean time for the more graphics and audio oriented do check out this neat map and follow the links:

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