Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mobius Click or the Electrical Pliers

Klein, my maker.
[Insert 200 pages of National Electrical Code.]
My handles are cobalt blue. How about you?
I am a tool slave used by Joe the electrician.

In his leather pouch I snuggle to the red beaks. Many a copper wire I've bent, till Joe shorted me on 440 volts. FLASH -- burnt him back, WHANG BANG! Laid him out square between kisser and the eyes. Before Joe came to I skipped with a screw driver in the pouch of his arch enemy Tecumseh.

He should not have stuck me in that box. Did he not see the skull and bones? Whacked with electric -- now he sees nothing. Don't worry, they all come round.

We are riding along Sunset Blvd., Tecumseh and I, in a canary yellow corvette.

Joe is in love with Alice, his anima -- before I skipped I snipped Joe -- an id lobotomy. Very quick... painless. Hit them with one thing then snip with another. So Joe the electrician fumbles in darkness looking for my handles.

If I were you I would sneak up on him and clip free his tool belt.
But watch for the groping fingers.

(first published Gator Springs Gazette)

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